Painting by Sevi Akarçay

One of the six paintings that fit together in Akarçay's "Intentions 1-6," which measures 16"x120" overall

Sevi Akarçay's "Intentions: Dreams on 'Other' Worlds": Art Meets Film in Latchis Gallery's "Splice" Series

"Splice" is a new program of Latchis Arts. Each month, art shown in the Latchis Gallery is matched with an evening film presentation, followed by conversations around the common threads between the film and the art. Sevi Akarçay's Intentions: Dreams on "Other" Worlds is February's featured exhibit in the Gallery, with an opening reception scheduled during Gallery Walk on Friday, February 3.

Scratchboard drawing by Sevi Akarçay

One of the twelve scratchboard sections of Akarçay's "Untitled," which measures 33"x56" overall

Akarçay's Intentions explores relationship, identity, and existence as influenced by place, culture, and time in two large allegorical works: a twelve-frame scratchboard drawing and a six-piece painting. Partly narrative-driven, these works were inspired by Greek mythologies on hybridity in Turkey and depict hybrid forms of plants or animals as fluid symbolic images to be explored. Akarçay points to how we may see the "I" in the "other," extending our gaze into a world of many narratives and "elsewhere-spaces" that are a fusion of fantasy and reality. Situated just beyond familiar and/or immediately identifiable landscapes, animal inhabitants in Sevi Akarçay's "other" worlds invite layers of possibilities and multiple perspectives.

Sevi's method and process of making these works is reminiscent of working with old celluloid film. Just as scene after scene in a string of frames would be clipped, arranged, and spliced together to create a story on a film reel, each of Sevi's drawings and paintings emerges one after the other into a larger narrative work.

Sevi Akarçay graduated from the painting department at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul, Turkey in 2004. In 2010-11 she completed a master's degree in language teaching at the SIT Graduate Institute. Living in Brattleboro for the past year, after having lived for most of the past fourteen years in Istanbul, the role of place plays a significant part in her work. She continues to investigate hybridity as a symbolic contemplation on perspective, possibility, distance, and time, and explores the question of how one's identity responds, relates to, and endures the changes engulfing contemporary Turkey, whether living in the midst of there or in the distance of here.

Intentions will be on view through March 1. The date of the film program will be announced soon. More info at

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