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Healing With Art: Expressive Arts Therapists to Speak About Their Work

What is art's role in the healing process? How exactly does art heal, and what makes art therapy effective? In a panel discussion on Thursday, February 23, at 118 Elliot Street, local expressive arts therapists will address these questions. This is the first in an Arts Council of Windham County series exploring connections between the arts and healing.

Participating panelists will include music therapist Ayla Clark, visual art therapist Susan Rosano, and dance and performance artist Biz Hallett. The program will be introduced and moderated by Zon Eastes, Outreach and Advancement staff at the Vermont Arts Council, and Shanta Lee, President of the Arts Council of Windham County.

The panelists will introduce themselves, describe their work and the special skills and training that are necessary to be effective, and discuss how the use of various art modalities in therapeutic settings is so powerful with a variety of populations.

Of particular importance, they will describe how their profession complements the work of doctors and hospitals. While Western medicine offers powerful, effective cures for illnesses, it has become clear that people thrive best when their psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions are addressed as well. Expressive arts therapy can offer them new tools to support themselves through the healing process.

Panelists will also address perceived local needs for arts therapy and funding sources for supporting it.

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