Still life by Tessera Knowles-Thompson

Still life by
Tessera Knowles-Thompson

Self-Portrait by Ryan Thomas

Self-portrait by
Ryan Thomas

Elephant by Paula Wright

Elephant by
Paula Wright

Portrait by Fiona Mahurin

Pastel Portrait by
Fiona Mahurin

Whetstone Gallery Hosts Best of B.U.H.S Art Show

Tree by Tessera Knowles-Thompson

Tree by Tessera

I am very proud of all our serious art students at Brattleboro Union High School. To cap off a successful year of artistic exploration, they have been blessed with a wonderful opportunity to share their work with the community during the month of June in a beautiful gallery along the Whetstone Brook. The sound of water flowing over stones in the brook and the look of the wooden beams and handcrafted floors in the gallery space itself complement the creative energy of the students' art work -- I know you'll enjoy your visit there.

This year's senior artists in the show are Fiona Mahurin, Tessera Knowles-Thompson, Lee Doran, Nina Markiew, Esther Kim, and Emily Yurkevicz, among many other participants. This year's graduates have been accepted at a number of art schools and colleges. Some have chosen to study art in liberal arts institutions that fit their more diverse interests, ranging from teaching to politics. Seniors Ryan Thomas and Paula Wright wrote short bios, shared below, that provide a unique insight into our young and very talented students:

Collage by Ryan Thomas

Collage by Ryan Thomas

Ryan Thomas: I'm very pleased to have the opportunity to show some of the work I've produced throughout my high school career at BUHS. I've been engaged with art as long as I can remember; often, though, the passion to produce ebbs and flows. My connection with my art and the aura surrounding each piece is unalterable. Next year I plan to attend Alfred University to get a Liberal Arts degree with a possible focus on Visual Arts. Art will always play an important role in my life, one which supplies emotional support and self expression.

Paula Wright: I was kindly asked to write a bio -- a short paragraph about myself. I've never been good at that. In short, I am an 18-year-old aspiring cabaret headliner. On paper, I am an average student, college bound to become a teacher . . . or a vet technician? The coin hasn't come down on that one yet. At any rate, my name is Paula and these are a few of the pieces I've completed in my four years at BUHS.

Monoprint by Paula Wright

Monoprint by Paula Wright

Some "Up and Coming Artists" whose work you should search out on your visit to the Whetstone Gallery include Advanced Studio Art participants Emily Brown, Maddie Conley, Emily Bourne, Elisa Tavella, and Monika Grist-Weiner. There are also many other talented BUHS artists both in this exhibit and getting ready to share the limelight in next year's show.

The Whetstone Studios & Gallery are at 28 Williams Street, a short hop from the bottom on Union Hill in Brattleboro. If you can't make the Gallery Walk reception for this show, please call David Parker at (802) 251-0000 (yes, it's all 0s) to arrange a time for a visit.

Portrait by Fina Mahurin

Charcoal Portrait by
Fiona Mahurin

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