Collagraph by Rodrigo Nava

Collagraph by Rodrigo Nava

Arctic Ghost Bear by Susan Brearey

"Arctic Ghost Bear," 50x50
by Susan Brearey

Rodrigo Nava and Susan Brearey at Silver Gallery

Infinity steel form by Rodrigo Nava

expanded steel form
by Rodrigo Nava

Rodrigo Nava made his first collagraph in 2003 and was immediately taken with the sculptural qualities of the process, from the fabrication of the plate using board, glue, and textures to the press used to make prints. As a lover of process, he was soon traveling with scrapers, knives, snips, tubs of glues and gessoes, and collections of sand and stone dust, as well as other empty jars to fill on his travels. Many of the collagraph plates were inspired by the textures and shapes of objects in daily life. The collagraph plates were then edged on a belt sander and printed. Drawing and sketching have always been part of Rodrigo's creative process, but the indirect qualities of printmaking make these pieces as much a part of his oeuvre as his expanded steel sculptures themselves. He sees the print as the evidence that is left behind when the relic has gone, remnants of an experience.

Susan Brearey makes images that reflect the ways in which she has seen wild animals in both their natural habitats and human-imposed frameworks. Through these encounters she begins to understand the often unseen parts of the world. She is inspired by the peace, beauty, and solitude she finds in wilderness areas, studying and observing the habitats, plants, and creatures with whom we share the planet. At the same time, she knows that wilderness in this country is nearly a fiction. All wilderness is managed and bound by our activities. Power and telephone lines, poles, fences, and cell towers are everywhere, especially in rural America. Susan is interested in the visual tensions created by this never-ending stream of interruptions in the contemporary rural landscape. For her, these interruptions are symbolic of a fragmented landscape.

Browse Line by Susan Brearey

"Browse Line," 24x24
by Susan Brearey

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