Doug Cox making a violin

Doug Cox, violin maker

Marta Bernbaum working on a glass flower

Marta Bernbaum, artist in glass

Craftsmanship in the 21st Century: October 11 Forum

Kris McDermet making a rug

Kris McDermet, rug designer

As part of American Crafts Week, Brattleboro-West Arts and Brooks Memorial Library will present a forum on "Craftsmanship in the 21st Century," on Tuesday, October 11, 2011, from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. at the Library.

In his recent book The Craftsman, Richard Sennett observes that craftsmen learn intuitively from long practice with their tools and materials, and for them, learning moves from the hands to the head, rather than from head to hands. He points out that this kind of learning has been valuable in the past and can continue to provide creative solutions for problems the world will face in the future.

This forum on "Craftsmanship in the 21st Century" will explore the nature and state of craftsmanship in Southeastern Vermont today, the challenges and opportunities craftsmen face, and the place of craftsmanship and craft traditions in the emerging new economy.

The forum will feature a diverse panel of craftsmen from Brattleboro-West Arts and will include ample time for audience input and discussion. It will be of interest for those involved in making, collecting, or admiring traditional and contemporary crafts and fine handwork, and also those interested in new economic models for our society.

For more information contact Brattleboro-West Arts coordinator Doug Cox at or (802) 257-1024.

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