Sunday by Duncan Johnson

"Sunday" (2013), 40"x30"

Castle Pass by Duncan Johnson

"Castle Pass" (2012), 23"x16.25"

Palisade by Duncan Johnson

"Palisade" (2012), 33.5"x20.5"

Duncan Johnson: In Conversation with Wood

Duncan Johnson has been in conversation with wood since he was a small child. From his earliest obsession with gluing sticks of wood together to today's mastery of craft and signature aesthetic, the inherent beauty and qualities of wood has been Johnson's medium of expression. Working with reclaimed wood that he finds in his home state of Vermont, Johnson has been known for arresting sculptural works puzzling countless bits of wood into elegant organic forms.

Model Shop by Duncan Johnson

"Model Shop" (2012), 14"x20"

Johnson's painted panels are composed of thin strips of salvaged wood that are lined up like a jigsaw puzzle and fastened together with a matrix of tiny, shiny brad-head nails that have the effect of stitching or netting. This work was inspired by architecture and by his fascination with patterns. Most of the panels are constructed of wood that was previously painted or stained. Johnson works intuitively, selecting each piece as he would select hues of paint from a palette. Instead of painting stripes, he carefully fits together his painted wooden strips.

Duncan Johnson earned a BFA at Pratt Institute in 1987. He was awarded a Pollack Krasner Foundation Artist Grant in 2010, an Academy of Arts and Letters award in 2009, and an Individual Artist Grant from the Vermont Arts Council, also in 2009. The Vermont Studio Center awarded him a full fellowship residency in 2012. He has exhibited in museums and art centers across the U.S., including the Bronx Museum of the Arts, Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art, Sam Houston Memorial Museum (Huntsville, TX), Rosewood Art Center (Kettering, OH), Pelham Arts Center (Pelham, NY), JJ Brookings Gallery (San Francisco, CA), Marcia Wood Gallery (Atlanta, GA), and Brattleboro Museum & Art Center, among many others.

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