Cabbage and Lemon by Catherine Nunn

"Cabbage and Lemon"
by Catherine Nunn

33 Greens by Cristine Kossow

"33 Greens"
by Cristine Kossow

Farm Art 2015: Bounty of the Northeast

Stickney Brook by Deborah Lazar

"Stickney Brook" by Deborah Lazar

"Bounty of the Northeast" is this year's Strolling of the Heifers FARM ART exhibit in the Robt. H. Gibson River Garden at 157 Main St. in downtown Brattleboro. The show features five contemporary artists -- curator Deborah Lazar plus four friends -- showing paintings in oil, pastel, and watercolor. All are living in the Northeast and paint in an impressionist realist style. Here are a few excerpts from Lazar's introduction to the exhibit:

"I grew up with Cris Kossow; we were friends in elementary school. We both became graphic designers and, as we aged into our 6th decade, we both took up fine art professionally.... I met Catherine Nunn and Linn Bower while taking painting workshops at Village Arts of Putney.... Karen Becker and I painted en plein air for many summers in the '80s before I had to put down my paints and focus on being a Mom and homemaker.

"New Englanders live in one of the most beautiful places in the country. When I think about the bounty of the Northeast as a painter, what resonates with me is the quality of the Air. We are also blessed to have the most abundant supply of spring-fed Water. Everything grows because of Air and Water, and, of course sunlight too. These artists are keenly aware of the temperature of the Light they are painting. We are also lucky to live in a place with a lot of undeveloped Land. I love how you can look at practically any woodland scene and see harmony. All the trees live in harmony with the ground cover; everywhere you look, it is in perfect balance.

"We are all here at this celebration of farming because of the Farms. Farming's popularity was fading over the last decade until we woke up and realized what great opportunities we were missing, and thus the word locavore was invented. The Bounty in this show refers not only to our surrounding landscapes, but also to the bountiful produce of our local farms and gardens, and to the rich characters reflected in portraits of our friends and neighbors. Welcome to the Bounty of the Northeast!"

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