Flower basket by Jimmy Wright at BMAC

Flower basket painting by Jimmy Wright at BMAC

Flower by Katy Hughes

Colored-pencil drawing by Katy Hughes at Metropolis

Another flower by Katy Hughes

Another Katy Hughes drawing

Big blue flower by Teodoro Senni

Macrophotography by Teodoro Senni at Mocha Joe's

Three "Flower Shows" Feed Our Need for Signs of Spring

Etching of orchid by Bobbi Angell at BMAC

Etching of orchid by Bobbi Angell at BMAC

Sorry that I missed the opportunity for an infusion of spring at the Smith College Bulb Show last month, I was thankfully revived while preparing the listings for this month's guide: Three shows celebrating Mother Nature's floral crown await our eager eyes:


The BMAC's new exhibit Flora: A Celebration of Flowers in Contemporary Art fills four of the museum's six galleries. This diverse collection "explores our physical and metaphorical relationship with flowers." The show's press information continues, "Flowers have been seen for millennia as spiritual and emotional touchstones. In spring they are a sign of renewal. In a bouquet they may have a host of meanings, including love, remembrance, or condolence. Lovely to see and smell, flowers exert tremendous physical, psychological, and symbolic power over us.... Like their living models, the artworks on view offer us objects of beauty and contemplation." Artists include Bobbi Angell, Marta Bernbaum, Amber Cowan, Floyd Elzinga, Tom Fels, Janet Fish, Richard Jacobs, Robert Kushner, Tanya Marcuse, Nan Montgomery, Anne Morgan Spalter, Christina Stahr, and Jimmy Wright, among others.

Study in white by Teo Senni

Study in white by Teo Senni


Katy Hughes is a local artist and art educator. She received both her teaching certificate and BFA in sculpture from Maine College of Art in Portland. After college she returned to Brattleboro to teach. Since coming home, however, her artwork has moved away from sculpture to printmaking and drawing. Katy's current works are detailed florals on gray paper, her first attempt at using colored pencils for fine art. She is particularly intrigued by the way these pencils blend together to become rich and vibrant, as well as offer exploration of light and shadow.


I enjoyed a November show of Teodoro Senni's digital photography at Tulip Café and plan to see what's going up at Mocha Joe's. "I've been into photography since I was fourteen, but I'm mostly self-taught and didn't always have the tools I needed," says Teo, whose family moved from Italy to Connecticut when he was 15. In 2009, he earned degrees from Sacred Heart University (English) and Union Institute & University (Literature & Writing). His images include thoughtful landscapes and creative, colorful portraits, as well as two kinds of floral studies: interestingly lit "portrait" views and color-rich, macro-level, digitally manipulated abstracts -- some printed on canvas, others professionally matted and framed.

Anthuriums by Teo Senni

Anthurium by Teo Senni

If you just have to see the real thing -- spring bulbs blooming in the garden -- to believe that warm weather is returning soon, then head up the West Brattleboro driveway of All Souls Church (aka West Village Meeting House, 29 South Street) to look through the entry foyer's large windows at some of the earliest bloomers in town ... still surrounded by piles of snow! While there, you'll be able to enjoy Nancy Calicchio's excellent exhibit of Vermont landscapes through the seasons, showing through April.

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