Gallery Walk, founded in 1995, "happens" every first Friday of the month year-round, and has been operating under the general oversight of the Arts Council of Windham County since 2000. The only exceptions are when it falls on January 1 or July 4, in which case it is moved to January 8 and July 11. It has never been postponed due to weather, though venues have the prerogative to close early if they feel they must -- on a small handful of challenging winter Walks over the years, we've found that a goodly number of downtown residents and workers will brave the elements to enjoy the venues that remain open.

Any exhibit or special event venue (whether a gallery, eatery, or other business) can be listed as an official Numbered Stop on the Gallery Walk by paying monthly Membership Dues. Note: An arts element or focus is preferred, but community service organization activities are also welcome. Note, however, that events promoting political parties or candidates are not allowed.

As of August 2013, Membership Dues are $30 for each month of participation on the
Gallery Walk. Ongoing monthly venues are billed in advance 3 times a year, for 4 months at a time ($120): in December for January-April, in April for May-August, and in August for September-December. One-time participants, or folks participating for a couple of months, are expected to send a check in advance.

Venues must submit Walk listing information between the 10th and 17th of the month prior to any Gallery Walk issue date. A reminder email is sent out, generally on the 12th, to acknowledge venues heard from by that time, and follow-up email will be sent to stragglers.

First-time venues are asked to submit:

- business name or a special listing title

- venue address, with any special instructions on finding the venue within a building

- venue or contact phone, plus a contact's first name only if particularly helpful

- website -or- email if no website (this is an optional line)

- descriptive information: a few sentences (100 words max.) about the featured artwork and the artist, perhaps with a quote from the artist about their relationship to the work; it's also okay to include a sentence about what the business otherwise does, but this information should avoid using the pronouns "we" and "our" -- pretend someone else is writing about you: see the home page for a range of current listings about other venues; the important thing is to be clear, concise, and compelling (note that we may edit your text to suit Guide style and space available, as well as repair punctuation and grammar) -- if absolutely necessary, an additional 50 words is permissible for a monthly surcharge of $10.

- an electronic image of art that will be in the show, something about 2 to 3 inches in size, in color at high resolution (300 dpi) that will work well in black and white as well; a .JPG file at 500-800K in size should be adequate.

Established venues need to send only the changing description of the exhibited art (or email confirming a repeat listing), as long as contact information and any venue description remain the same.

As long as no complications happen at the Print Shop, a supply of Gallery Walk Number Signs and Guides will be delivered to venues on Thursday, the day before the Walk, or on the Friday of Gallery Walk itself. If your business is not open when the delivery person comes by, your supply will be left rubber-banded by your door or, in case of inclement weather, in a plastic bag -- occasionally, as conditions dictate, these materials may be left with the staff at a neighboring business.


Gallery Walk venues and other artsy businesses or events receive preferred rates for advertising in the monthly Guide. Although the Guide is mostly printed in black and white, there are full-color ad spaces available inside both the front and back covers, as well as on the center four pages of the guide. (Please note that we need at least 3/4 of a page of full-color ad placements in the center to cover the additional printing cost, so we cannot always guarantee offering this additional space.)

See link at upper left for the Ad Rates PDF page for ad dimensions, costs for B&W vs. full-color ads, and both sets of ad prices by type of business or event, as well as information on invoicing and payment. See Map of Ad Sizes on page 2 of the Ad Rates PDF page for a visual comparison of dimensions.


- Be sure all elements used in your ad (logo, other graphic, and/or a photographic image) are all at high resolution.

- Venues must leave a 1-inch-square block for our designer to insert a Gallery Walk "stop" number. This will work best in 1/4-page or larger ads only.

- Include address, phone, and hours at a good size for readers to find easily in your layout.

- The Guide's preferred ad format includes a 1-point-rule border. Ideally, you will use no border in your layout, and we will import your file into an empty ad box in our Guide layout.

- Send a high-resolution, saved-for-press PDF of your ad, designed to the specific dimensions given on our Rate sheet (there should be no additional space allowance around your ad). Saving as a PDF will help keep your fonts as designed.

- Be sure your email program doesn't resize attachments before sending them. If we receive a file in lower resolution than we need, we'll get back to you to request another file.

Submission Deadline: Email new ad files to between the 10th and the 22nd of the month prior to any Gallery Walk issue date.

Assistance with Ad Design is available for $15 to $25 per ad, depending on size and/or complexity, if you have no other resources to help you develop your layout. Send logo, any other images, and text to


Because there are so many artists in a variety of mediums showing their work in the area, the Walk tries to feature someone new each month (or to introduce a new venue). We are open to suggestions for cover stories and of course for other articles, too, especially when help is available to develop the text. The occasional exception to the rule might, for example, involve a significant shift in an artist's work or a special milestone.

Questions? Contact the Walk's promotional coordinator: Joy Wallens-Penford by email at, or try calling her at (802) 257-2616 from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. or p.m., the most likely times to find her at her home studio; otherwise try her work number at Friends of Music at Guilford, (802) 254-3600.

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