May by Adrienne Ginter

"May" (2013),
watercolor, 22.5" x 30"

Garden in the Woods by Adrienne Ginter

"Garden in the Woods" (2012), oil paint, 20" x 18"

Detail from Garden Sea by Adrienne Ginter

Detail from "Garden Sea,"
handcut paper, 25" x 19"

Adrienne Ginter: An Eye for Detail with Brush & Blade

Snake in the Garden by Adrienne Ginter

"Snake in the Garden" paper cut out (2011), 25.5" x 19.5"

A couple of months ago, when I was sent a little bit of information about Adrienne Ginter for the Whetstone Studio for the Arts listing on the Gallery Walk tour, I knew there was something very special about her work. The images of her paintings and paper "cut outs," as she calls them, showed an extraordinary level of detail. During the August Walk, I stopped by her studio because I had to see them for myself ... and was truly amazed!

For someone who spends so many long hours peering closely at the canvas or the cutting board -- it can take weeks to complete her largest paintings and 30 or more hours for up to 10 layers of work in paper -- Adrienne is surprisingly engaging in person. Knowing that she worked in the real estate world in the Boston area after college makes that perhaps easier to understand.

But let's go back a few years to get better acquainted with this determined thirty-something originally from Gilford, New Hampshire. "I have always loved and had an internal drive to make things," says Andrienne. "My Mom covered the dining room table with butcher paper, and I would draw for hours. I also took painting and drawing from a local artist when I was five years old and knew at a very young age that I wanted to be an artist."

She explained that her adventures in paper-cutting began just a couple of years ago, rather accidentally: "I was working on a primarily green oil painting ('Jungle') and it just wasn't 'right.' I had the idea it could be made out of paper, and that's when the paper cuts started. I taught myself how to do it by looking at Polish and Mexican paper artists and am learning more and more as I go along. I have also befriended Emma Van Leest, a paper artist in Australia -- we talk online about different types of paper and cutting tools."

Two Trees by Adrienne Ginter

"Two Trees" (2013), handcut paper, 32" x 24"

Adrienne graduated summa cum laude with both a BFA in Painting and a BA in English Literature/Writing from UNH in 2003, went on to earn a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate from Brandeis, and then spent two years at Boston University capping off her academic credentials with an MFA in Painting (2008) while working as a teaching assistant in painting and drawing. Prestigious scholarships and award nominations were liberally sprinkled in, as were gallery shows in the city and further afield during and after her college years. She has also made publication appearances in Art New England (2008), International Contemporary Artists (Volume V, 2012), and Studio Visit Magazine (the upcoming winter issue).

In a statement on her website (, Adrienne explains: "My approach to a painting is that of an exploration into the reoccurring oddities and subtle fascinations of the natural world. The uniqueness of it all provides me with aesthetic inspiration, and I draw parallels between these narratives and the stories of human beings -- whether from ancient myths, history, or my own personal experiences. Every scene in nature tells a million little stories, and I work to incorporate an extreme amount of detail to tell not only the macro but the micro stories. This gives the viewer a greater sense of depth, not only visually but narratively, depending on how close they choose to engage with the piece."

Do yourself a favor and go to Adrienne's studio for Gallery Walk -- or as soon as you can -- to get acquainted and see her extraordinary work!

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