A couple of the photos featured in the Blue Sky Day journal ...

Photo of sunflower by Patti Jacobs

Photo of cairn rock formation by Patti Jacobs

Photo of journal cover by Patti Jacobs

Patti Jacobs: Nothing But Blue Skies!

"We have all of these -isms on the planet ...
sexism, racism, but kindness can be the bridge,
kindness can supersede these troubles.
The Blue Sky is that bridge." – Patti Jacobs

Some years ago, a 2-year-old awoke from his slumber and upon seeing the morning sky told his mother, "Mommy, it's a blue sky day. We can do anything we want!"

Photograph of Patti Jacobs

Photo of Patti Jacobs by Shanta Crowley

These words became the foundation and seedling for the project that his mother Hannah Morgan and graphic design artist/photographer Patti Jacobs would soon embark upon known as Blue Sky Day. Blue Sky Day is a multifaceted art piece that includes a digital preview and the Blue Day Sky Journal. A "stop" on this month's Gallery Walk, the Galanes Vermont Shop on Main Street showcases Jacobs' stunning, mostly local outdoor images, as well as the publication combining these photographs with inspirational quotes, prompts, and space for journaling your thoughts -- readers may appreciate that the journal was printed locally, too.

As I talked to Patti about the motivation for her photography and for this specific project, she stated, "The seed was planted a bit ago with the passion of a lifetime."

Patti always had a passion for capturing images. Photographs can tell a story, and for Patti they are her way of bringing the senses alive. In this series, you will see everyday -- and perhaps the most familiar -- images transformed into the extraordinary through Patti's vision. These photographs just might inspire you to pick up your camera or even perceive what you have always seen ... with new eyes.

If the exhibit really does inspire you to pick up a camera, Patti wants you to know one important thing as you explore your photographic pastures: "Enjoy. Love it up as a way of loving yourself up." The opening is at Galanes Vermont Shop this Gallery Walk, July 6, until 8 p.m. The exhibition will continue through July during the shop's regular hours: Mon.-Sat. 10 to 5 and Sun. 11 to 3.

For a sneak preview of the photos and journal, go to www.itsablueskyday.com. Also, stay tuned for more to come as a part of Blue Sky Day!

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