Goat Salad by Caryn King

"Goat Salad" by Caryn King

Poppies by Kristina Wentzell

"Poppies" by Kristina Wentzell

Rabbit by Caryn King

A rabbit by Caryn King

"Farm & Field": Caryn King & Kristina Wentzell at The River Garden

Billings Heifers by Caryn King

"Billings Heifers" by Caryn King

"Farm & Field," a two-woman show of paintings by Caryn King and Kristina Wentzell, is now featured in downtown Brattleboro's Gallery at The Garden at 157 Main Street. Both graduates of Massachusetts College of Art, each artist offers a unique perspective on New England's flora and fauna. The show continues through November 27.

Caryn King, from South Newfane, Vt., is a narrative painter working in acrylics. After 14 years of making her living as a sculptor, intermingled with a few years earning her BFA in Illustration and then working as a toy designer and an art teacher, King came to painting exclusively. Caryn's intent is to convey emotion: "Animals offer us a unique chance to commune with our humanity, to look into the eyes of a jackrabbit and see fear, or to watch a rooster pass judgment over us, or to stand before the pleading grace of a Jersey cow. That is the magic of King's animal paintings. What makes them relevant and important and brilliant is her ability to paint an animal staring back at us and for us to see ourselves a little differently." - Ric Kasini, Vermont Art Guide, Issue #8

Lavender Breeze by Kristina Wentzell

"Lavender Breeze" by Kristina Wentzell

Kristina Wentzell, from Keene, N.H., is known for her use of vibrant colors and impressionist brushwork. "I work alla prima, Italian for 'at once,' typically creating my paintings in one intense studio session," she shares. "I love experimenting with a variety of creative media, but I feel happiest with a brush in my hand." For her, the dark fir forests of northern New England, flowers in every form; lakes, mountains, and moody skies are recurring themes in her artwork. Kristina is also the owner of Monadnock Art Parties, which offers casual painting parties in the Keene/Brattleboro area. She particularly enjoys teaching beginners and self-professed "non-painters" that they can be creative.

The River Garden Gallery is open Mon.-Fri. 9-5 and Sat. 12-4. For further information, call Caryn at (802) 380-7006 or visit carynking.com and kristinawentzell.com.

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