Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

Stickney Brook

Stickney Brook



Deborah Lazar's Grand View at Max's

At Max's Restaurant (1052 Western Ave.) in Brattleboro this weekend, and through the end of March, a unique view of the world is being presented by artist Deborah Lazar of Putney, Vermont.

Quantum Physics asks the question, Can you see something if you don't know that it is there? "These images go beyond what can normally be seen," says Lazar. "I am ultimately in charge of creating an image out of pieces of images and making the perspective look believable. I fuss a lot about that detail of the montage."

The montage photographs range in size from 24 inches wide to 7 feet long. They are printed on canvas or archival paper using a state of the art wide-format printer.

Putney Panorama

"Putney Panorama," printed on canvas, 7' long

Artists have always strived to create something new. Lazar brings a rare blend of technology and fine art together. She invites us to go beyond the camera lens and break out of the traditions of photography into a kind of quantum photography, or as she prefers to call it, "virtual photo realism."

"I have not created anything in this work that was not originally there. People are just not used to seeing as much of a landscape in a single photographic image." The viewer is able to see multiple dimensions at the same time -- in her photographs of Stickney Brook, for example, Lazar is able to show us what is under the surface of the water as well as what is above.

These images are constructed without the distortion you would normally see with the use of a panoramic camera. "My work tends to draw in a lot of people right up to the canvas. They can't figure out what they are looking at. People are surprised to find out that they are photographs."

Lupines in the Mist

"Lupines in the Mist," printed on canvas, 4' long

A reception for the artist will be held on Friday, February 4, from 5:00 to 8:00. During this Gallery Walk reception, Max's restaurant will be holding a business card raffle for a dinner for two, winner to be announced at 8:00. The show runs through the end of March. Restaurant hours are Wednesday-Sunday starting at 5:30.

Max's Restaurant is located at 1052 Western Avenue (also Rt. 9) in West Brattleboro, 1.2 miles west of Exit 2 off Interstate 91. A fusion of new American and Italian cuisines in a bistro-like atmosphere awaits Gallery Walk patrons. An extensive wine list and full bar service are also available, for dinner reservations call (802) 254-7747.

The canvas prints are available for sale. Contact: Deborah Lazar 802-387-8739 or on the web at

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