Stephen Lloyd's painting entitled Absent Trees

"Absent Trees" (2016), 42" x 42"

Spotlight: Stephen Lloyd at C.X. Silver Gallery

C.X. Silver Gallery, at 814 Western Ave., West Brattleboro, is pleased to announce a new exhibition of the paintings of Stephen Lloyd, showing through June 10—visit The opening reception will be on Sunday, May 6, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Stephen Lloyd employs a variety of approaches in a dialogue between realism and abstraction. He is inspired by the light and landscapes of Vermont, New England, and the Southwest, and by the ongoing conversation and support among artist members of Brattleboro-West Arts.

Responding to nature as an architectural designer, he reimagines landscapes in terms of color and composition. In representational work, elements of geometry are often added. In abstract work, the rigor of the geometry is offset by the fluid nature of the paint. While his long career as an architect is a major influence, an equal force is the joy he finds in the natural world.

During a residency at the Vermont Studio Center last year, he began to employ his archival architectural drawings directly into his paintings, opening a new path for future work. For further information, visit his website at

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