Fire on Ice by Dave Mazor

"Fire on Ice," 24"x36"

Falls of Flames by Dave Mazor

"Falls of Flames," 24"x36"

Dave Mazor's Steel Wool Photography at Whetstone Station

Madame Sherri Lives by Dave Mazor

"Madame Sherri Lives," 50"x32"

Born and raised in Suffern, New York, Dave Mazor leaped into the artistic world and quickly discovered his love and passion for the art of photography.

When he was 13, Dave returned from a three-week trip to the Grand Canyon with images from his new 35mm camera that kicked off his interest in exploring photography further. In the following years, he took all the available photo courses at his high school and became inseparable from his camera.

In 2001, Dave started on his path to become a professional photographer. His higher education began at Chester College of New England, a private art school in New Hampshire. After two years there, he transferred to SUNY–New Paltz to complete a degree in art education and photography.

Since moving to Brattleboro in 2008, Dave has established a career teaching photography at Brattleboro Union High School, married his summer sweetheart Jenn, and welcomed their son Myles into the world. He now uses his knowledge and experiences to educate and inspire.

West River Explosion by Dave Mazor

"West River Explosion," 36"x24"

While researching areas of photography to use in his teaching, Dave discovered the art of light painting and was immediately drawn to it. While looking for unique styles and movements in the world of light painting, he came across a technique involving the material called steel wool. When used properly, this metallic pad allows one to create a magical spray of embers that fly through the night, lighting up each composition in unique ways. A mix of fun and danger yields eye-catching results with every spin and exposure.

To Dave, the risks outweigh the rewards when it comes to creating these "fantastic" light paintings. He has felt the burn of the embers, has been "shooed" off private property, and has accidentally set a few small fires. These hazards do not stop Dave from exploring all options in the name of ART!

When he chooses a location, Dave has to imagine what the scene may look like in a rain of fire. He considers factors such as: time of year, vantage point, spin time, exposure, direction, height, and unpredictable variables. "My success at the Madame Sherri staircase inspired me to continue exploring the art of steel wool photography."

In his spare time, Dave keeps his eyes open and his camera ready to capture new and exciting photographs. As well as working as a freelance photographer, Dave provides a multitude of photographic services, including portrait sessions, wedding/event photography, and private lessons. Visit -or- email for further information.

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