Dancer by Jeffrey Lewis used on guide cover

An image by Jeffrey Lewis used on the July guide cover

Deer Woman Dancing by Hugh Joudry

"Deer Woman Dancing"
by Hugh Joudry

IBIT Dance Company by Kiqe Bosch

IBIT Dance Company
by Kiqe Bosch

Monotype by Clare Adams

Monotype by Clare Adams

Flower image by Tara Gordon

Digital photography
by Tara Gordon

Having a Ball by Virginia Driscoll

From the "Having a Ball" series
by Virginia Driscoll

Circus photography by Jeffrey Lewis

Circus performer by Jeffrey Lewis

Dance Festival 2013 by Kiqe Bosch

At the 2013 Dance Festival
by Kiqe Bosch

Six Exhibits Celebrate the Joy of Movement as Southern Vermont Dance Festival Takes Flight

Earth Dancer by Heather Miller

"Earth Dancer" by Heather Miller
at Latchis Main Theatre

The 2nd Annual Southern Vermont Dance Festival, slated for July 17-20 in Brattleboro, Vermont, is setting the stage by sponsoring Movement 2014, a multi-venue exhibition featuring the "art of movement." Beginning on Friday, July 11, and on view throughout the month, six venues are showing work by twelve artists who celebrate the beauty of movement and dance in paintings, prints, photographs, and sculpture. Some work will be available for sale.

Brenda Siegel, executive director of the Southern Vermont Dance Festival, explains that the festival wanted to give everyone another reason to come downtown to experience the beauty of movement as interpreted by some of our local artists. "Dance and movement is for everyone, and this is just another way to inspire the community," she says.

The exhibition was organized by one of the featured artists, Shanta L.E., whose passion for the arts has led to her ongoing involvement in Brattleboro's art community. Shanta also shared her insights about Movement 2014: "Movement is a part of who we are in the world and it is expressed not only in our bodies but in what or how we choose to create in the world."

Below is a list of participating venues, with information on the artists and their work being featured this month:


Hugh Joudry, sculptor, celebrates the creative effort with a large dancing figure surrounded by 13 shape-shifting figures and magicians. "I have been carving for 40 years in my studio in the town of Stratton. As beauty and passion unfurl from the roots of the world, I see in my sculpture its magical presence. I strive toward resonance with the sacred energy of the land and its sentient beings. The bright and hard white marble of Vermont inspires a great sense of duration and makes an enduring vital link to the mineral realm. The rhythmic shapes of trees I see in the forest, the smell of resin in balsam fir and spruce, the sap of the maple, the interior contours of ash and beech, as well as the majesty of oak are the primal energy that sparks my work.... As I sculpt I visualize the movements of tai chi, yoga, and dance. This includes abstraction as well as figurative work." --

In addition to Joudry's work, an exhibit of photographs at Vermont Artisan Designs presents images of the IBIT Dance Company throughout the 2013/2014 season -- on tour, at festivals, in class, in rehearsal, and backstage. Dancers in this pre-professional training program are shown as they learn and grow and experience the joy of movement. The exhibit represents one dance company as seen through many lenses:

Kiqe Bosch, photographer, is exhibiting black-and-white images that present movement in its raw form: "I was born to shoot people. I have tried shooting the broad side of a barn, but failed miserably. So I keep shooting people, and they like it."

IBIT Dance Company by Jeffrey Byrnes

IBIT Dance Company by Jeffrey Byrnes

Jeffrey Byrnes is a professional editorial, fashion, and portrait photographer: "I make photographs. For me, photography is about communicating. It is about telling a story through images."

Shanta L.E. is a photographer, dancer, writer, and publicist: "I believe that photography is an extension of storytelling. Life is such a collection of shared moments. Some are ones that we wish to forget, while others we want to kidnap into an eternal space of remembering. In my mind, photography gives us that ability to journey into any past, remain in an eternal present, or envision infinite futures." --,

Annie Laurie Macy-Purinton photographs IBIT shows and various other IBIT-related activities.


Clare Adams says of her "Color & Movement" series: "My new work celebrates the joy of dance and the excitement the Southern Vermont Dance Festival brings to Brattleboro. These monotypes were made on my antique etching press, which has recently been moved to my new studio in Saxtons River. Using figurative stencils and multiple color layers, I overlaid positive and negative forms to create a sense of movement and spontaneity. Primarily a landscape painter, this work is a departure for me. The dance theme gave me a new a sense of joy and freedom. Having been an admirer of dance for years, creating this work made me feel like a participant." --

Painting by Crystal Bartlett

Painting by Crystal Bartlett


Crystal Bartlett: "These oil paintings on canvas, entitled 'Visual Movement,' show my love for expression of movement through color." --

Heather Miller: "Venus Visions represents our united relationship to life's constantly changing experiences. Our ability to perceive life as temporary causes deep suffering and joy. My goal is to share glimpses of beauty inspired by the dance of matter and transformation. One of the pieces in this exhibit is entitled 'Adventures in Her Space.'" --


Tara Gordon: "When I am in nature, what I see is patterns, and I am captivated by the incredible detail, organization, and beauty in all life forms. The artwork I create reflects the patterns I see -- like the Canada geese migrating south in the fall; geographic migration patterns, unique flight formation in the form of a V to optimize energy efficiency, and the behavior of two individuals mating for life. My vision zooms inward to the resulting pattern, bringing forth a symbol of light in the center where two hearts join." --

Virginia Driscoll: "My art often explores space, time and how people interact. I am intrigued by color and use it to express tension, emotion, mood, and to build a cohesive world. Dancing by the river in springtime inspired this 'Having a Ball' series of acrylic and watercolor paintings." --

Meet the artists at a reception on July 11, 5:30-7:30. A Poetry Reading follows from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m.


Dance Center drawing by Penelope Wurr

"The Dance Center" by Penelope Wurr

Jeffrey Lewis's work features photographs of circus performers: "I have lived in Vermont for ten years and recently retired from my work in economic and community development. I returned to photography after a forty-year hiatus about five years ago and have been adding equipment and experience since. I have been very fortunate to be able to photograph many performances at NECCA in the past two or three years." --

Penelope Wurr is a designer and producer of contemporary glass in limited editions: "I created this particular work, entitled 'The Dance Center,' during my post-graduate year at London's Central School of Art. The print on exhibit was part of a series of lithographs and etchings inspired by photos I took of women in their own personal spaces, such as the dressing rooms backstage, changing rooms, ladies rooms in clubs, pubs, and gyms in London in the early '80s." --


Kiqe Bosch, photographer, is exhibiting black-and-white photographs that depict the joy of movement and the wonders and variety of the 2013 Southern Vermont Dance Festival.

NOTE: Tickets to the 2nd Annual Southern Vermont Dance Festival are available by visiting For more information on how to purchase tickets, become a sponsor, or volunteer at the festival, please email

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