Resist with Love by Namaya

Ecocide by Namaya

Namaya's Peace Arts Exhibit & Events in October

During October in Gallery at The Garden (in the Robt. H. Gibson River Garden, 157 Main St., Brattleboro), Namaya multimedia artist, poet, and photographer is presenting an exhibit of Peace Arts Projects featured in a recent retrospective show at the New Orleans Art Center. Materials from his Vermont My Home project are also in this show. Other October activities include the following programs at his Art Rat Studio, 773 Guilford St. in West Brattleboro, just 3 miles from downtown:

October 6, 12-2 pm · Open Studio with Children's Storytime and Peace Art Workshop

Art Rat by Namaya

At noon, Namaya will perform a story, suitable for all ages, from his children's CD On the Island of Binga Bonga: The War that Never Was. The CD, with free listening, is at Namaya will then lead a 1-hour Peace Arts Workshop (supplies provided) with the B4 Peace Team, who have created public art projects at the Art Rat studio and around the world. Open studio to follow from 2 to 6 p.m.

October 13 & 14, 12-6 pm · VT Crafts Council Open Studio

Enjoy Peace & Social Justice Art by Namaya—Art that celebrates Peace, Ecology, and Vermont, including art for children and art for all ages. Original art, posters, pictures of Vermont on slate with poetry, books, and CDs by Namaya artist and poet. Vermont Life publisher Dave Haskins said, "Namaya is a Vermont Treasure." His recent show at the New Orleans Art Center, part of the Prospect 4 exhibit, was described as "one of the most compelling shows on peace arts in New Orleans this season."

More About Namaya:

Namaya is a U.S. Navy veteran and member of Veterans for Peace who has focused his creative energies for peace and peacebuilding. Now an internationally known poet, performance and multimedia artist, he has toured five continents as a storyteller, jazz poet, and with his band, the Jazz Beat Blues Poetry Ensemble.

He is the author of published poetry and memoirs—Celebrate Life, Eros to Godhead, God.Sex.Politics., Vermont My Home—and the CDs Green Mountain Radio Hour, Best of the Jazz Beat Blues Poetry Ensemble, and the children's CD On the Island of Binga Bonga: The War that Never Was. He is author of New Journal of the Plague: Living and Working with AIDS and the novella Thirst.

Namaya and Zoe Kopp are co-founders of a grass-roots community development foundation Proceeds from the B4 Peace Project support peace work and community development around the world. "Peace is not just the absence of war and violence, but the presence of love."

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