Print #1 by Nina Isabelle

Two of Nina Isabelle's "prints" of words by Nye Farrabbas—note the tire tracks.

Print #2 by Nina Isabelle

Nina Isabelle's "Remarkable" Interactive Art at C.X. Silver Gallery

Nye reads poetry while Nina installs the show

Nye practices reading her poetry while Nina works on the installation of her prints.

In its new second exhibition space on-site, C.X. Silver Gallery (814 Western Ave., West Brattleboro) is hosting Remarkable New Locations, a series of interactive art objects inspired by Nye Ffarrabas' ( poetry and produced by Nina Isabelle ( using a car as a printing press.

Nina Isabelle's interactive monoprints invite the viewer to engage in marking and remaking the dry erase surface. In addition, fabric strips with text by Ffarrabas and Isabelle are sewn to the monoprints, reaching out in the gallery space. The printing process involved inking each plate individually and pressing it into each sheet by driving a car over it to emboss the plate image into the saturated paper. Each piece was rolled over ten times with a car, revealing various degrees of chance in the imagery.

Nina Isabelle is a process-based multidisciplinary artist working with language, perception, action, and phenomena. Through performance, object construction, photography, video, and documentation, Isabelle's projects aim to generate processes that fortify meaning through psychic imprinting in spite of cerebral interpretations. She frames her process as both an inquiry into, and a demonstration of, a recursive method that continually cultivates futures by reforming the past. Isabelle is the founder and organizer of Three Phase Center for Collaborative Art Research & Building, where she facilitates and documents artists' processes, projects, and presentations. Currently she is interested in developing differential definitions of process and approach by understanding how sequence and simultaneity impact concept and action when interlaced with physical material, documentation, and the observer over time.

Isabelle is continually motivated to challenge the boundaries of perception and approach by collaborating with new situations to compel viewership in unexpected directions. Isabelle's studio project is located in Stone Ridge, N.Y., in a 2,700-square-foot industrial building that functions as a model space dedicated to open-disciplinary art approaches intended for reality revision. The show continues through July 17 and is open by appointment; call the gallery at (802) 257-7898.

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