Maise Sperling painting at The Poetry Studio

Maise Sperling, painting at The Poetry Studio in spring 2016

Another World: Young Poets and Artists from The Poetry Studio

A student writing in the gardens at The Poetry Studio

Aashna Kinkhabwala, writing in the gardens at The Poetry Studio, summer 2015

Located on beautiful grounds in Marlboro, Vermont, The Poetry Studio, founded in 1995 by Ann Gengarelly, invites imagination and discovery; a slowing down so that participants can listen to that part of themselves so often forgotten in their busy lives. Students have the opportunity to offer "devoted attention," whether it is to the folded bud of a hibiscus, the nature of friendship, or the special bond with grandparents.

Believing in the unique language of poetry to create bridges between inner landscapes and the world outside, Ann has witnessed students of all ages work toward a profound understanding of their own nature. Having worked as a poet-in-the-schools for over 30 years, she has seen how the writing and sharing of poetry is healing and transformational, and profoundly believes that in a nurturing environment everyone can find a voice for what lies deep within. Terry Tempest Williams, in her memoir When Women Were Birds, writes about the healing nature of voice: What needs to be counted on to have a voice? Courage. Anger. Love. Something to say; someone to speak to; someone to listen. She concludes: In a voiced community we all flourish.

View to the southeast of gardens at The Poetry Studio

The gardens (looking southeast) at The Poetry Studio, summer 2014

The unfettered imagination of the poets is also represented in their drawings and presentations of the poems. Visual thinking as part of the process of creation is integral to their work. The availability of drawing materials provides the opportunity for a multifaceted expression where word and image complement each other in the creation of a work of art. During summer workshops, Tony Gengarelly, Professor Emeritus of Art History, facilitates this confluence of illustration, design, and poetic expression.

We are profoundly grateful to the students for displaying their work and to Amy's Bakery Arts Cafe for the opportunity to share with the larger community the amazingly rich creativity unfolding at The Poetry Studio.

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