Papercutting by Stuart Copans

Papercutting by Stuart Copans

"Prayers for Peace in Print, Paper and Paint"
Opens on Sept. 10 at All Souls Church

Zentangle by Kathleen Kennedy

Revolutionary Press broadside

The gallery spaces in All Souls Church Unitarian Universalist in West Brattleboro are hosting Stu Copans' annual exhibit of papercuts and other artwork with a Peace theme through the end of October.

In many societies, spiritual values are carried not in the mind or in words but in physical objects such as beads, spirit houses, amulets, or icons. The role of the artist is to convert the spiritual into the physical, to rework and alter the physical object so it contains and is inhabited by the spirit. In this show, four artists embody their yearnings for peace in works of art.

- Copans' papercuttings are the latest in his ever-expanding body of creative expression, sometimes grouped in visually pleasing "sets."

- John Vincent's Revolutionary Press has created several "Broadsides"—letterpress-printed inspirational quotations;

- Peter Dudley is showing Paintings and Drawings; and

- Dotty Seiter is hanging Poem/Prayer Mobiles overhead.

The public will have a chance to meet the quartet of artists at an Opening Reception hosted by the All Souls Arts Committee on Sunday, September 10, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Otherwise the exhibit is open for visitors from 9:00 to 12:00 weekdays and during other public events in the building, or by appointment.

All Souls Church, aka West Village Meeting House, is at 29 South St., across from the newly constructed West Brattleboro fire station and the village green, a little over a mile west of Exit 2 off Interstate 91. Call the office for further info, (802) 254-9377.

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