River Gallery School Granted Funds for Women

The River Gallery School of Art announced in December that they have received grants from the Thomas Thompson Trust and the Wolf Kahn & Emily Mason Foundation to fund two programs designed to provide women with the opportunity to take art classes and workshops at the school.

"Neighbor to Neighbor" focuses on women victimized by Tropical Storm Irene, losing homes or studios or suffering other losses. Not only did they lose their living and work spaces but they face the long and challenging aftermath: clean-up, rebuilding, major changes to living situations. These scholarships enable them to get away to a clean and light-filled studio space to continue artmaking, or in some cases begin a new practice of making art.

The "Unsung Heroine" initiative has reached out to the many women who spend much of their time caring for others -- aging parents, children with physical and emotional challenges, ailing partners, or needy community members -- without recognition or compensation. The funding has enabled them to enjoy some guilt-free hours free of worry, immersed in the joy of creativity. This new funding will allow RGS to offer this opportunity to more women in 2012.

For information on scholarships, workshops, and classes, visit www.rivergalleryschool.org, email rgsart@sover.net, or call (802) 257-1577.

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