Whetstone building hall with stained-glass window

Hallway with stained-glass
window by Neumann Studios

Whetstone building exterior

The exterior has a patio
with plantings, rock and marble.

Open House at Whetstone Studios & Gallery

The Whetstone Studios & Gallery building is now open and accepting applications for rental space. The brainchild of local craftsman David D. Parker, The Whetstone Studios inhabit a 19th century carriage shop turned warehouse on Williams Street, at the base of Union Hill. This recent restoration project has once again breathed life into the old R&M building, an almost forgotten piece of Brattleboro history.

Says Parker, "I wanted to create attractive spaces for local artists to craft their work and also provide an environment in which a community of artists could support and inspire each other. Additionally, we offer a common gallery space for artists to display their work."

The eight separate studios are located in the three-story building at 28 Williams Street; all boast scenic views of the Whetstone Brook while simultaneously offering the convenience of both in-town locale and an on-site gallery and retail space for the building's artists-in-residence.

As a artist himself, Parker knows the inherent value of space and how a space can transcend the room itself and inspire the artist in their work. The loving restoration of this building by Parker and his company is a testament to his support of the arts. From the uniquely exquisite lighting to a stunning stained-glass window by Neumann Studios, the exposed beams and the wide board flooring, these spaces exude quality and character.

Tours of the building and its artists' studios are available during Gallery Walk between 5:30 and 8:30 pm. Local art will be displayed in the Whetstone Gallery space, and Mr. Parker will personally present his new project to the public. Interested parties for rentals may contact him at (802) 251-0000.

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