Wayne Estey's painting entitled Acid Snow

"Acid Snow"
by Wayne Estey,
48" x 54"

Spotlight: Yalla Vermont Opens on Main Street

A new restaurant has just opened at 80 Main Street in Brattleboro, between Sam's and Mocha Joe's. Yalla Vermont is the brainchild of master chef Zohar Arama, who emigrated from Israel to the U.S. a few years ago with a book of recipes and a dream. While hiking the Appalachian Trail, he met the woman who would become his wife and share that dream.

Yalla Vermont food poster

"I wanted to bring people together with great food," says Zohar. "Yalla! means Come on!—like when you're cheering the runner to get from second to third base, or calling the kids to go swimming. It's a common positive slang word in Israel, adopted from another language. The food I create comes from the heart and is the stuff that has added so much goodness to my life. With the fantastic support of my wife Eileen and daughter Arbel, I have been able to pursue my dream."

He has been selling his Middle Eastern specialties at area farmers' markets, where long lines of regular weekly customers made it clear that he was on the right track. Finally he decided the time had come to take the leap, and 80 Main St. seemed a good location for realizing his goal. After getting all the necessary equipment in place and permits squared away, Yalla Vermont opened on May 1 and serves breakfast and lunch daily. Everything is fresh and prepared from scratch—including the pita bread—and made using the best local ingredients available whenever possible. Yalla Vermont's menu includes these specialties ... and more:

· Sandwiches on fresh pita · Hummus · Moroccan donuts
· Middle Eastern salad · Deep-fried eggplant · Falafel balls
· 3-hour simmered eggs · Spicy cilantro spread · Turkish coffee
· Pickles, tahini, and other Middle Eastern condiments
· Shakshuka, a special egg dish served in a hot skillet

The café's gallery space features work by WAYNE ESTEY this month. Always experimenting with new modes of expression, he is showing recent works with an environmental theme: "Vermonters say, 'Snow is money from heaven.' I've heard, 'Money from Connecticut.' The snow falling here in New England includes acid from Ohio coal plants. My politically themed art employs realistic and abstract methods linking discrete viewpoints."

Come for great food and thoughtful art.

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